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How to Count Leaves, Pages, and Sides

Having trouble figuring out what you need to order? Leaves, pages, sides...it all sounds a little like pieces of your dining room table!

To get an idea of what each of these printing terms means, consider these examples:

A leaf is a single sheet of paper in a publication. Leaves are usually printed on both sides and bound together along the spine of the publication, making two pages per leaf.

A page is a single side of a sheet/leaf in a printed publication. A single sheet of paper is comprised of two pages. Each side contains a different page, so both sides are visible when the leaf is folded down the middle.

A side is a single printed page. The sides refer to the two individual pages that make up a single sheet of paper or leaf. The left side is usually the odd-numbered page, while the right is the even-numbered page.

How Do I Count Them In My Project?

It's easy! Count the number of sides (pages) in your project and use this as the number to enter on your project order form.

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